Since 1978


  24ft Lyman Islander We put 1/2'' mahogany decks over the original white vinyl plywood decks.
 Here we take the boat off of its trailer and put it into the shop to start stripping the hardware, windshield,etc off the decks.

We strip and sand the decks to bare wood.
Our 1/2''  mahogany supply has arrived.


We start planking the front deck, cover boards and rear deck and cut them to fit.
Then we epoxy them down, screw and bung them.
Sand off the bungs to deck level sand all surfaces, and put a few coats of thinned out varnish.
Then we epoxy, and re-sand then strip with decks with 1/8'' black stripes.
Then we epoxy over the stripes.
We re-sand then apply multiple coats of varnish.
We sand and buff all surfaces then re-install hardware and windshield etc.



Our shop is located in the Winnipesaukee Lakes Region in New Hampshire

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